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The Movita gait trainer, enhances physical and mental wellbeing, and supports active standing and learning to walk. The spring suspension seat makes gait training more comfortable for the user. Movita is competitively priced against similar devices such as the Meywalk 2000 and the Mowego. 


The Movita gait trainer has a very intelligent transfer feature, which enables the user to be raised from a seated position to standing and supports optimal freedom of movement for the user. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 


Five different sizes are available from small children to adult sizes. Client Group: Children with physical & learning disabilities, Adults with Physical & learning disabilities, Head injuries & Brain trauma. 



Child Seat Height: 25-60cm
Junior Seat Height: 46-67cm
Small Adult Seat Height: 62-96cm
Large Adullt Seat Height: 77-111cm











  • Footrest
  • Leg Guides
  • Anti-tip stabilizer
  • Various springs according to body weight
  • Leg separation plate
  • Wheel Bracket with directional stabilizer for front wheels
  • Non-Reverse Brakes
  • Various thoracic ring sizes
  • Special seat (long, narrow)
  • Drag brakes

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