The Movita Walker



The Movita is a versatile four wheeled walking frame which helps children and adults to gain greater independence and personal mobility. The Movita is easy to access for transfer and it's unique lifting system enables carers to raise the user from sitting to standing with very little effort.

The Movita is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and differs from similar walkers on the market, because of it's slightly inclined frame which creates greater user stability. The Movita trunk units can also be interchanged quickly and easily.


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Accessories Include: Foot Separator, Knee Separator, Foot Rest, Anti-tipping System, Directional Locking Wheels, Roll-off Frame Wheels, Variable Damping Springs.
New Movita Fits Walker “One size fits all”


Safety adjustable back/saddle support


Easy to open thoracic ring


Lateral foot protection


Foot Separator


Support harness instead of saddle


Easy Height Adjustment


Directional locking swivel front wheels


Safety adjustable back/saddle support


Thoracic Ring sizes 70,90,110,130cm


Sausage support saddle


Adjustable Support Handle







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