Cortes E-Bike


The Cortes Electric Bike is lightweight, has a radius of action of 75 kilometers, and is equipped with an individually adjustable suspension.


The bike is also easy to maintain, has tough Big Ben anti-puncture tires, and the lights can be controlled from the display on the steering wheel.


The Cortes tricycle is equipped with individually adjustable suspension and a unique seat that has been developed for optimum riding comfort. This makes getting on and off very easy, especially in combination with the low entry step-up.


The tricycle is equipped as standard with an electric Bafang mid-motor, a parking brake, front hand brake, hydraulic disc brakes, and a low entry-level stepover






Length                                                         2065 mm
Width                                                           785 mm
Weight                                                         48 kg
Length inside leg                                           670-950 mm

Seat height to the ground                               600-670 mm
Entry Lowstep frame                                       360 mm

Maximum load                                               150 kg




The Cortes can be equipped with various accessories and options.


5 point harness, armrests, high or low backrest, footplates, walking stick holder, luggage holder, are all available to be purchased separately.



Click here for the brochure


Click here for more specifications




• Matt black (RAL9005)

• Sparkle grey (RAL7040)

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