Therapy Benches



HSE Contract 9231


Quest 88 therapy bench fabrics, foams and adhesives have been tested in combination and conform to BS5852 Crib 5. The covers can be easily cleaned, whilst the upholstery has been carefully designed to offer superb levels of comfort and support.The surface fabric has a slip-resistant quality making it ideal for children who use dynamic splints. Quest 88 uses child-friendly lacquers for a perfect finish and high-grade plywood for strength and durability.

By adding or removing supports, children can be supported as little or as much as possible to facilitate the child and the therapist's requirements. The addition of hip, thoracic or knee supports enables children to be positively positioned, thus allowing the therapist to concentrate on other skill development, such as hand to mouth and cross body co-ordination.

Please note: The Universal Block for attaching Hip, Hip/Thoracic and Knee Supports is not supplied as standard with the Therapy Bench, but is included in the price of Hip and Hip/Thoracic assemblies. If these accessories are ordered together with your bench, the Universal Block will be supplied factory fitted to your bench and no assembly is required.






Size/ref/code TB1/Small TB2/Large TB3/X-Large  
Seat Pad Length (cm) 68 80 91
Seat Pad Depth (cm) 28 36 51
Overall Length (cm) 68 80 93
Overall Depth (cm) 28 36 51
Min. Seat Height (cm) 17 27 42
Max. Seat Height (cm) 27 40 54
Hip/Thoracic Width (cm) 17.5-26.5 28.5-37 N/A
Max. User Weight (kg) 75 100 90
Product Weight (kg) 5-11 9-15 19



This combination Hip and Thoracic Control System is used to centralise the pelvis/torso and can be removed as the child develops until they can maintain a central sitting position by themselves. The pads are width adjustable and the thoracic section is adjustable in height.


Hip Symmetry Pads are designed for use with Quest 88 Therapy Benches and help to control and support the hips to assist with sitting balance and standing training. The Hip pads are width adjustable. You may wish to check out the combined Hip and Throracic Control System if you require a higher level of support.


L-shaped Knee Supports help control adduction/abduction and help push the pelvis firmly against the hip pad.

Available in 2 sizes (Small and Large) depending on the size of the Therapy Bench.

Please note: The Universal Block for attachment of Hip Supports and Knee Supports to bench is supplied with Hip Support accessory.





Colour Options: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green & Red.

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