T Roll



The T- Roll positioning aid has tubular shaped CMHR foam core.

With a wipe clean vapour permeable cover. T shaped to give comfort and leg support when in a laying position.

Cover is zipped on enabling it to be removed and washed.

Uses are:

  • A positioning aid
  • Support for hip abduction
  • To position lower limbs
  • Control of posture whilst lying supine



There are a choice of five sizes:


  • (Billy) L460 x H250 x D100mm
  • (Molly) L510 x H300 x D150mm 
  • (Annie) L710 x H400 x D150mm 
  • (Archie) L710 x H400 x D200mm 
  • (Eddie) L710 x H450 x D200mm 



Available in Blue, Cream or Blue/Pink Camouflage.

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