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Paediatric Corner Stairs

A scaled-down version of our Adult Corner stairs, our Paediatric Corner Stairs are brightly coloured to brighten any paediatric clinic and aid compliance. The steps feature three 11.5cm deep steps on one side and two 15cm steps on the other. The handrails adjust from 38cm to 75cm, making it suitable for children of all ages.

Training steps are great for strengthening the legs and increasing a patient's mobility after surgery or injury. These colourful Paediatric Corner Steps are a great way to cheer up a clinic and aid compliance in little ones who have to undergo physical rehabilitation, particularly in limited space. 

Like their full-sized counterpart, these steps fit on a right-angle, making them perfect for utilising all available space in clinics and rehabilitation centres.

from €1795.00 plus VAT 


Length: 112cm 


Width: 94cm 


Distance between rails: 45cm 


Maximum user weight: 64kg 

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