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The Huka Orthros "Side by Side", is super easy to get on and off, and its ergonomic design ensures a stable and safe ride. 


We look at individual riders and their needs and want to create a better world for them. We are innovating and optimizing our bikes continuously so that your bike is equipped with the best materials and ensures optimal comfort.


This Orthros Duo bike is equipped as standard with a parking brake, easy-to-use hand brakes, hydraulic disc brakes, 8-speed freewheel, tough Big Ben anti-puncture tires  


* It’s possible to let the passenger pedal actively, passively, or not at all.

* Eye contact & a pleasant chat is easy with both riders sitting beside each other.

* The handlebars are height and angle adjustable to best optimize the cyclist's position.

* 10-year warranty on the frame.



Manual version from €5495.00

Electric version from €7995.00



Inner leg length driver 650-850 mm


Inner leg length passenger 650-850 mm


Seat height (from the ground) 610 mm


Driver maximum load 120 kg


Co-driver maximum load 120 kg


Seat width per side 450mm


Seat depth per side 380mm



Electrical support  - Is available with a Banfang 250W (PAS-Vario) pedal assist motor, which makes it easier to pedal and therefore it’s less tiring. This silent pedal assistance is standard delivered with a drive help, three travel speed settings, and one neat display.


Support & custom made - In addition to the extra supports, we can offer a step-on footboard, armrests, 4 point harness, footplates. Therefore specific adjustments to your bike are not a problem. 


Accessories & options -The Orthros can be expanded with various accessories and options. Would you prefer different handlebars or pedals, or would you like that the passenger doesn’t have to pedal at all? No problem, we will take care of your wishes! 




The Orthros  "side by side" will be standard delivered in the following colors:


• black matt 


• white silky gloss 

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