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Mamalu Special Stroller


The Mamula stroller is a folding specialised pushchair. Its made of a light durable umbrella frame which means that it folds easily and quickly, and its small dimensions make it easy to transport after folding.


The stroller grows with your child due to its wide range of adjustments. The headrest and the 5-point safety belts can be mounted at different heights, the seat has an adjustable depth and there are three levels of height adjustment of the footrest.


Independent shock absorbers and swivel PU wheels make the stroller extremely maneuverable. Comfort and convenience are provided by a reversible pad, which is covered with soft, skin-friendly fabric on one side, and waterproof fabric on the other.


from €695.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



Symbol Measurement Unit Size 1
W User height [cm] 90 – 130
A seat width [cm] 32 – 38
L seat depth [cm] 22, 28
C1 backrest height [cm] 60
C headrest height [cm] 40 – 55
E backrest width** [cm] 32 – 38
F Footrest length [cm] 18, 24, 35
  push handle height [cm] 114
X backrest tilt angle (relative to the seat) [°] 95
Y seat tilt angle [°] 25
  maximum user weight [kg] 35




  MML_104 Adjustable headrestMML_114 H Harness MML_628 Footrest with foot and ankle stabilizing sandals

MML_405 Folding canopyMML_408 Rain coverMML_403 Tray

MML_101 Thigh abduction beltsMML_128 Abduction blockMML_505 Under seat storage basket












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