Aeromat Exercise Mat


Aeromat Exercise Mat

It's important during exercise to have proper support under you, reducing the strain on your body and enabling you to work out for longer in a safe manner. The Aeromat Exercise Mat enables you to do just that, supporting your body while you exercise and reducing pressure on contact points. The mat features one ribbed side and one smooth side for versatile use, and is available in two sizes.

Key Features of the Aeromat Exercise Mat

The key features of the Aeromat Exercise Mat are:

  • Reduces pressure on the body for easier exercise
  • Soft and comfortable – great for longer workouts
  • One ribbed side and one smooth side for greater versatility of use
  • Two sizes available to help you get the mat that's right for your needs

Supports the Body

Reducing the pressure on your body while you exercise ensures that the mat can help to reduce strain and discomfort. This enables you to work out harder and for longer than hard floor would allow, improving your training and fitness development. 

Different Sides for Varied Use

The Aeromat features two sides with different textures. One side features a smooth surface and the other side is ribbed for better grip. This is ideal for more varied use of the mat, giving grip when and where it's needed.



Dimensions of the Aeromat Exercise Mat

To help you get the mat that's right for you, the Aeromat Exercise Mat is available in two different sizes. The available sizes are:


  • Length 183cm
  • Width: 58cm
  • Depth: 1.6cm


  • Length: 183cm
  • Width: 99cm
  • Depth 1.6cm



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