Entrapment Protection


The Bed Rail Entrapment Avoidance Side Wedges have been designed to prevent a patient from falling out of bed without requiring any rails for operation. The clever design of the Entrapment Avoidance Side Wedges, enables the patient to get out of the bed without the entrapment problem of rails but is also protected from the 'Roll Out'.

A draw sheet (which is included in the price) attaches to a mattress with quick release buckles. Along each side of the bed is a broad 10cm hook and loop strip. A 20cm high x 90cm long wedge fixes onto the Velcro strip. The draw sheet and the wedges are covered in a high quality vapour permeable wipe clean fabric.

Cotton drawsheets are also available 



There are several different combinations of the Bed Rail Entrapment Avoidance Side Wedges available, along with additional items to ensure that the specific patient  requirements are supported. These include extra side wedges, spare drawsheets and drawsheets that fit the full length of the single bed (see below).

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