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The EASYRIDER is a semi-recumbent tricycle with a large wheelchair-style seat designed to fit both children and adults. It is designed to assist with mild to moderate physical disabilities.


The basic features offer support for those who need some extra help. And for those that require more support, there are several accessories to choose from to provide just what is needed. Once the user is properly supported, he or she can focus on increasing their strength and coordination while having fun!


Riding a tricycle is a great way to practice reciprocal motion with the legs. The best part is, kids think it is fun, not work!


Prices from €1995.00






The Easyrider is available in 4 sizes to fit both children and adults.






The Easyrider comes standard with self-leveling pedals and a pulley system to help children with the reciprocal pedal movement, this helps them focus on pedaling.


The Loop Handlebar can be rotated to meet your child's preferred hand position if the conventional handlebar doesn't meet your needs.


The tricycle can be adapted with a lap belt, 4 point harness, pommel, headrest, lateral supports which all help to keep your child's upper body in alignment. 


A rear steer control handle is also an option.





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