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  • Huka Cortes Electric Adult Tricycle


    The Cortes Electric Mobility Tricycle is lightweight, has a radius of action of 75 kilometers, and is equipped with an individually adjustable suspension. The bike is also easy to maintain, has tough Big Ben anti-puncture tires, and the lights can be controlled from the display on the steering wheel. The Cortes tricycle is equipped with individually adjustable suspension…

  • DiBlasi R34 Electric folding Trike


    The Di Blasi R34 folding electric tricycle has a unique mechanism that folds into a cube in seconds. Suitable to fit into even the smallest car boot, small camper van garage, and even on a cruise ship. The folding operation takes just five seconds and three steps without the need to use tools, or the need to screw or…

  • Hasebike Trigo Up


    The TRIGO UP from HASE Germany is a comfortable and safe recumbent trike with the natural handling of an above-seat steering trike. With the TRIGO UP, you’ll always have a comfortable seat to unwind in the most delightful location, for instance, a picnic break during a long bicycle trip. Joyful! Adjusting the trike is Easy! The frame components move along rails and…