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Bariatric Parallel Bars

The Bariatric Height and Width Adjustable Parallel Bars are designed to improve the mobility of bariatric patients. They can be adjusted to suit the needs of the patient during physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions.

One of the main benefits is the ability to adjust the height and width of the bars. This means that they can be utilised for various uses, catering to the individual needs of each patient. The height can be adjusted from 65cm to 100cm, with 5cm increments for maximum control. The width can extend from 70cm to 90cm to benefit the patient during use.

The heavy-gauge steel uprights offer a sturdy structure for the bars, and the clamping failsafe locking mechanism helps to ensure that the bars remain in place once adjusted. With a slip-resistant surface and ramps at either end to aid wheelchair transfers, the Parallel Bars are ideal for improving the mobility of bariatric patients in healthcare environments.


Overall length           350 cm 


Handrail height         65 -100 cm



Adjustable width       70 - 90 cm



Max user weight:      250 kgs 

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