Wheelchair Swing


With all the features of the AbilitySwing, this enclosed wheelchair swing has been specifically designed to be installed in an open play area where supervision isn't available.The enclosure is exclusively opened by an independent access key which guarantees no unauthorised use, therefore preventing entry to all except for wheelchair users.

This frame can take a combination of our swing seat options, which means you can mix and match with wheelchair and traditional swing seats and enable children of all abilities to play together. The unique four point clamping system secures the wheelchair in place and the locking post exclusively opened by an independent access key guarantees no unauthorised use.

The Manufacturer is committed to producing equipment that is suitable for all abilities. We are immensely proud of our flagship AbilityRange which is been designed with the less able bodied person in mind.

Note: Recommended for supervised areas only. An enclosed version that is suitable for unsupervised areas is available on this configuration.

Full Support Seat with Chains & Safety Latch

Our Inclusive DDA swing seat is suitable for adults and children of varied abilities with a weight capacity of 70kg. The durable design of the plastic swing seat gives the ability to suit a variety of body types whilst keeping safety a high priority with a roller coaster type over head plastic harness plus an additional safety latch! The design also allows for additional straps to be added if extra support is required for a smaller child. The Full Support Seat can be fitted to other manufacturers swing frames using our own attachment system

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