Bariatric Corner Stairs

Excellent quality stairs featuring non-slip treads, the modern Homecraft Weight Bearing Corner Stepsfeature four 15cm steps on one side and three 20cm deep steps on the other, providing the base for a variety of rehabilitation exercises. The handrails of the Weight Bearing Corner Steps are adjustable from 40cm to 90cm, and extend forwards to aid first step knee exercises and ease of access.

Training steps are a piece of clinical furniture that is often used in physiotherapy treatment of athletes, runners and other individuals recovering from injuries. They provide anaerobic conditioning while strengthening the heart, lungs and muscles, and allow patients an effective workout by using all muscle groups during rehabilitation treatment.

The Weight Bearing Corner Steps have a non-slip, easy clean rubber tread to ensure the stability of a user's feet. The handrails are height adjustable from 40cm to 90cm, and have a maximum weight bearing load of 140kg (22st). The rails also feature wipe clean paintwork to aid infection control.

This item is made to order and is, therefore, not refundable.



  • Length: 145cm (57")
  • Width: 120cm (47")
  • Height: 58cm (23")
  • Weight of item: 70kg (11st)
  • Maximum user weight: 180kg (28st)

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