Ropox Wall mounted



The wall-mounted Ropox Vario Changing Table folds up when not in use to save space and the unique, slim design ensures that the product is as unobtrusive as possible.

The height of the table can be lowered to 30cm and raised, electrically, to 100cm and so offers flexibility for transferring the user whilst enabling a good working position for the carer.

The changing table is designed to enable the client to change on a variable height table allowing for improved working posture for the carer. The table is available in 900 - 1900mm lengths and either 700mm or 800mm width to suit user requirements. Max user weight is 200kg

With a hygienic laminate surface, the table provides a comfortable, practical base upon which a user can be dressed/changed.







Lengths available 900 - 1900mm


Two widths available 700 or 800 mm


300 - 1000mm height range 


Max user weight 200kg


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