Adult Changing Stretcher



Our Changing Shower Stretcher with an adjustable back rest has been designed to be a safe, sturdy and convenient showering or changing table that attaches easily to a wall and can be folded down quickly when required, or folded away flush against the wall when not in use, minimising the storage space required. Designed ideally to be positioned over a bath for maximum user benefit, the Changing Shower Stretcher can actually be fitted against any suitable wall around the home to give the user a convenient and high quality changing area wherever required.


The sturdy frame on this adjustable back version of the Changing Shower Stretcher is pivoted, allowing the back rest support section to be raised up to one of seven pre-set positions to give the user the most comfortable seated position. The frame is covered with a tough PVC cover that has a good number of drainage holes for fast drainage and improved user comfort. When folded down for use the Changing Shower Stretcher is supported by two strong drop down legs that enable the stretcher to deal with a maximum user weight of 180 kgs (28 st), when folded away the legs lie flat against the frame to give a storage solution that only projects out from the wall by 10cm.




  • Height    900 mm



  • Width     700 mm


  • Length  1900 mm   

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