Stand assistance with just the right level of support.

Standing not only provides alternative positioning for those who use wheelchairs or other seating systems, but also plays an important part in development and rehabilitation.

  • Variable choice of variable movement
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Standard or wide models
  • Max. use weight 35kg

The standing frame is supplied with a single chest and buttock strap as standard.





Along with the Varyflex, Joncare offer a range of different standers to cater for children of all sizes.


The Joncare Hippi is a shorter hip support for children who may not require a chest strap.


The Joncare Vose Stander is for the taller child, and comes with castor wheels attached for easy mobility and a rigid frame.


DCSV100G 66.3-84.5cm Varyflex Standard - Green

DCSV100B 66.3-84.5cm Varyflex Standard - Blue

DCSV100GW 66.3-84.5cm Varyflex Wide - Green

DCSV100BW 66.3-84.5cm Varyflex Wide - Blue





Varyflex, Vose, and Hippi All standers come with double chest strap, double buttock strap, and knee block unless stated in the description.




- Green

- Blue

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