Quest Panda



The PANDA Standing Frame is a children's 'multi stander' so that it can be used as both a hip stander for targeted training and as a full vertical stander with both hip and thoracic supports.

It incorporates an adjustable tray and activity bowl as standard. The knee supports are adjustable in all necessary planes to enable therapists to find the optimum position with little fuss. The base castors are designed to be locked either by hand or foot.

Available in two sizes for children 18 months - 3 years, with the smallest accomodating a minimum axilla height of 38cm with its footplate stand and narrower, knee pads, and lateral supports.




                                                       Panda                      Panda Plus



Frame width                       50 cm                       50 cm


Pelvic Support Height        40 - 56 cm                45 - 61 cm


Axilla Height                       38 - 68 cm                55 - 72.5 cm


Max User weight                20 kg                         20 kg



Optional accessories include


Head support unit

Grab bar

Tray infill pad for safe play

Thoracic infill panel to stop wandering fingers

Extra-long upholstery straps 

Synthetic lambswool knee cup liners

Knee hyperextension straps.





- Green


- Red


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