Umotion Parkinson's Rollator


Designed for Parkinsons disease and other neurological diagnoses


The Topro Umotion is extremely safe and stable with a reversed braking system. The Umotion will only move when the brake handles are held in. Safe to sit down and stand up as the brakes are always on. This rollator offers a single handed operating braking system. Its nibble style allows for a small turning circle, proving extremely convenient for small rooms such as the bathroom. This sophisticated rollator has an integrated, adjustable drag brake for increased control. An optional laser light can be added to overcome 'freezing' episodes. 

Very safe and stable with reversed brake system

The rollator only moves when the brake handles are held in

Safe to sit down and get up as the brakes are always on

Single handed operated braking system

Small turning circle convenient in small rooms like a bathroom

Integrated, adjustable drag brake for extra control

Green laser light to overcome "freezing" episodes


Recommended user height 150-185 cm
Max user weight - 125 kg
Handle height -79-98 cm
Seat height - 54 cm
Seat width - 46 cm
Wheel diameter - 20 cm
Turning circle - 85 cm
Width unfolded - 61 cm
Size folded - 95 x 63 x 46 cm
Weight 10 kg
Maximum User Weight: 125kg (19.5 stone)


Reversed braking system

One-hand-only operated braking system

Tension control - integrated adjustable drag brake for extra control

Curb support for outside & inside

Comfortable seat with antislip coating

Turning circle 85 cm

Adjustable height of handgrips 

•  Backsupport whilst seating

•  Ergonomic posture support

•  Shopping Bag

•  Green laserlight (on laser option)


The Umotion is only available in blue.

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