Trets bike


The new Hase Trets has under-seat steering, which is both safe and easy to use. Young riders feel pretty cool with their “lowbars” – and they are! For kids who prefer above-seat steering, like on a bike, optional “highbars” are also available – and give the new TRETS a classic “Easy Rider” look!


As a delta trike with a low center of gravity, the TRETS is extremely stable, which means that riders can get into the seat with no scary wobbling. The pedals with toe clips and straps, as well as elastic heel straps, guarantee good foot positioning and prevent slipping. The five-point harness keeps little ones in their seat – making the trike ideal for riders who are unable to hold themselves upright, for kids with the fidgets, and for anxious parents.









Young trikers grow fast, but the new TRETS can grow with them: It’s adjustable for all kids between 3’3” and 5’3” in height (1–1.6 m).





Family friendly? Yes, uncompromisingly so.

Remove the front wheel, attach the draw bar, and the trike is in trailer mode. Then it can be hitched to one of the parents’ bikes for long bike tours or for towing tired toddlers home from nursery school.


And last but not least: an optional Guide Bar is also available. Any parent could tell you why…




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