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Topro Forearm


The Troja Forearm Walker has been specifically designed to give the user extra support directly under the arms when walking or standing providing much greater levels of support and security than a traditional walker. 



The Troja is lightweight and maneuverable which together with the height-adjustable forearm arm supports makes it ideal for the user to walk in indoor environments without the need for assistance from another person. 



In common with other TOPRO walkers, the Troja Forearm Walker is easy to fold making it compact and convenient for storage or transportation. The height-adjustable handles with memory function ensure that the handles are automatically reset to the user's preferred height when reopening the walker from the closed position. 



The Troja can be easily cleaned and comes in Extra Small, Small, and Medium sizes. 





Available on HSE Contract 9229 


                                                        Medium                     Small                     X-Small


User Height                                     150-185cm               130-170cm            130-160cm


Height of gutters                              98-115cm                 84-100cm              84-96cm


Walker Width                                    63cm                       63cm                     53cm


Seat height                                       62cm                       54cm                     50cm


Max user weight                               135kg                      125kg                     80kg



- Wheel dampeners

- Crutch holder

- One-handed brake

- Tray

- Anti-slip mat for tray

- Bottle holder

- Lock

- Basket for oxygen

- Rear bag with zipper

- Guide handle for visually impaired




- Dark Grey


- Silver


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