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Throne WC frame


The Children’s rails are a perfect fit for nurseries and schools, and allow the child to remain independent in these settings.


As with the adult rails, they assist the child to transfer on and off the toilet safely and independently. They are secure and close to the child increasing the ease of transfer.


It does not restrict space within the toilet area and other users can still use the toilet easily when the Throne Rails are fitted.


The Children’s Standard Rail and Children’s Wraparound Rail reduce falls, as there is no frame. It also feels more secure thus increasing confidence, as the rail does not move when it's being used.

Handle height: 190mm


Between handles: 400mm


Height above seat: 190mm


Child back plate internal measurements: 290mm

Foot step

The Children’s Step has been developed to assist children access the toilet with more independence. It provides a secure platform and gives greater confidence to children requiring easier access to the toilet.

The Children’s Step can be used in conjunction with both Adult and Children’s Toilet Support Rails.

The Step is attached to the side brackets of the Toilet Support Rail, and can fold up against the front of the pan when not being used.





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