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Lukas Therapy Cot


The Lukas Therapy Cot is an electrically operated bed, made to the finest standards with incredible attention to detail. The combination of natural wood design and perspex sides ensures maximum visibility into and out of the cot at all times. Due to the low entry height, access is improved for users able to self-transfer.


The Lukas Cot includes an electrically operated high low profiling lying surface, which has an adjustable head & footboard along with a knee break. A 12cm foam mattress is supplied as standard, but other pressuring relieving mattresses are available on request.


The Lukas Cots provide personalized comfort and safety to children and adults so they feel reassured without feeling enclosed.


As with all Lukas Cots in the Freistil range, the beech timber frame is specially treated to toy safety standards and comes from sustainable European forestry. 







There are four models of the Lukas Therapy Cot, offering children and adults with challenging behavior a very high level of safety. The divided folding doors allow access along the complete front side of the bed.


The lying surfaces are available in Paediatric 160 x 80 cm or Adult 200 x 100 cm 


Internal height of sides above mattress are available in 68cm, 102cm, 136cm, or 170cm 



Secure access through split doors with fixed positioning     Doors on both long sides          Secure routing for cables and umbilicals           Secure access through split doors with fixed positioning

   Lukas 68                                Lukas 102                            Lukas 136                              Lukas 170




LUKAS 102: All-round upholstery, 101 cm high




Allround upholstery is optional on all sizes of the Lukas Therapy Cots, as are the Night & Day style padded windows




LUKAS 68: All-round upholstery, 67 cm highLUKAS 102: All-round upholstery, 101 cm highLUKAS 136: All-round upholstery, 67 cm highLUKAS 102: All-round upholstery, 67 cm highLUKAS 136: All-round upholstery, 135 cm high



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