Surfer Bather



Make it easier to bathe babies and small children in a standard bath with the Surfer Bather With Airflo Battery Compressor Leg Straps & Side Rails. Portable and simple to use, this lifting aid minimises moving and handling risks to therapists, parents and carers.


Its clever design enables the child to lie at the bottom of the bath and allows them to be raised and lowered in and out of the bath by using the corded remote control or by the controls on the Airflo battery compressor.


The device includes a bathing platform with backrest and side rails, soft headrest, body belt, leg straps, side retaining clips, elevating scissors with bellows, Airflo battery and remote control unit.


2 years, battery 6 months.




  • Maximum user weight: 50kg 8 stone (112lbs)

  • Maximum user height: 135cm 4' (5")

  • Overall length: 114cm (44")

  • Platform width: 41cm/68.5cm (16"/27")

  • Maximum height: 43cm (17")

  • Minimum height: 6cm (2.5")

  • Backrest angle: From flat to 70 degrees max.

  • Weight of platform (inc. Backrest & Pommels): 4.2kg (9lbs)

  • Weight of Scissors (inc. Bellows): 5.5kg

  • Choose from a mains operated Airflow compressor or Battery operated compressor. 





- Blue

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