Standing Table



The Standing Table is for young children with mild to moderate physical disability/ delay who cannot stand independently but can stand with pelvic and knee support. The table enables assisted and independent sitting to standing from the child’s activity seat or wheelchair to the standing table. The table is height adjustable with a removable easy wind manual handle.


The Standing Table has been designed for use in pre-school, school, resource rooms, special schools and home for upright support in active standing. 


Why Active Standing ?


  • Stand up from your chair assisted or independently to the standing table
  • Stay standing with pelvic support and knee support at the standing table and wear your ankle foot orthotics or knee ankle foot orthotics if you need them
  • Keep your trunk active while you stand
  • Enhance your stamina in standing
  • Promote development of your hip joints with active standing
  • Maintain your lower limb muscle length and prevent muscle shortening
  • Enjoy table top activities in standing and strengthen your trunk
  • Improve your lower limb proprioception in standing
  • Sit down to your own chair with appropriate assistance
  • Improve your activity and participation in active safe standing with your friends


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The Standing table is designed for young children and is available in two sizes:



                                                                                 Size 1                                   Size 2


    Age groups                                                       2-7 years old                           8–14 years old.


  • Maximum user weight of child:                         25kg                                        45kg


  • Maximum height of child:                                 1200mm                                  1440mm


  • Adjustable height of Table                                460-725mm                            640–940mm


  • Table top dimensions:                                      800 x 600mm                          1000 x 700mm






Tropical Blue

Chrome Yellow

Spectrum Red


Elegant Oak



white, silver, dark grey, black