Soft Skull Helmet


The Protex Soft Shell Helmet has been designed for both adults and children alike.


Available in black, aqua or pink, you can choose a neutral colour or a more vibrant colour depending on personal preferences.

The support also features quick-release childproof clips that can easily be used by an adult but cannot be activated by a child. This helps ensure your child can't easily remove the helmet while they aren't in your company.

Adjustable Padded Chin Strap

The Head Protex Helmet has been carefully crafted to ensure it provides your charge with the best possible protection and support. This includes the chin strap of the helmet, which is adjustable and padded for improved comfort during use.

How Do I Fit the Support?

Watch the video guide to find out how to fit the Protex Soft Shell Helmet. The helmet has been designed so it's as easy to apply as possible.

The Soft Shell Helmet is crafted in eight different sizes. To find out which size your charge requires, please measure the circumference of their head and choose the correct size from the dropdown menu at the top of the page. The following sizes are available:

  • 46cm
  • 48cm
  • 50cm
  • 52cm
  • 54cm
  • 56cm
  • 58cm
  • 60cm




Available in black, aqua or pink


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