Sholley Trolley



This Sholley® shopping trolley comes complete with a Deluxe dark blue check design bag as pictured. The bag includes

  • Internal front  zipped pcoket
  • Internal rear three pouch pocket
  • Two multi-purpose side pouches for eg walking stick, umberella, magazines
  • Internal name and address tag

The frame of the shopping trolley is hidden inside the bag.


Features include

  • Front swivel wheels make the Sholley® easy to steer and assist turning tight corners; if preferred the swivel wheels can be locked to a ' straight-ahead' position with a simple switch on the wheel
  • Telescopic handle is easy to adjust for angle and height to suit all walking positions
  • Soft, warm and easy to grip handle cover
  • Exclusive anti-tip design making it stable, safe and strong to lean on and walk with
  • No rear axle so you can walk close behind without tripping
  • NEW parking brake- simply flip down each park brake to lock the back wheels
  • Smoother running wheels- large enough to provide extra shock absorption yet light and easy to steer
  • Folds flat even with it's bag on; simply pull the front top bar up towards the handle. 


The Sholley® is safe to walk with; under new Government Legislation all shopping trolleys are now required to meet certain safety standards and the Sholley® has been judged much better and safer than other shopping trolleys in terms of safety, quality, stability, build, anti-tip design and handle grip. 



Weight (less bag)- 7.5lbs (3.4kg)
Basket/ Bag size- Height 18.5", depth 15.5", width 13.5" (470 x 395 x 345mm)
Handle Height adjustable from 34-38" (863-965mm)
Folded height 41.5" (1050mm)

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