Quest88 Unicorn Trike

The Unicorn Tricycle from Quest 88 is a two toned Pink and white version, available in the same sizes of either the Kitten, Colt, or Panther tricycles.

The Tricycle provides symmetrical exercise from an early age and is ideal for pre/post surgery development. The Tricycle is available in a two tone pink & white colour scheme. There are a variety of accessories available to enable the trike to be adapted to each individual child's needs as well as different carer steer options.

There are a variety of accessories available to enable the trike to be adapted to each individual child's needs. We believe Quest Tricycles provide the best in terms of posture management and progressive development for your child, as well as great looks and features.

The Quest88 Tricycles have a full 5 year warranty.


Quest 88 Therapy Tricycles (Evolved over 30 years)

  • A simple, traditional design but with all the customised support you need; from one of the UK’s leading designers of adaptive technology for children.
  • Posture Management Frame Geometry - the best riding position guaranteed. No slumping or slipping.
  • FREE first anniversary trike health check and fitting check.*
  • Heavier, more stable frame set with low threshold. Independent rear drive and coaster wheels make cornering safer.
  • Meaningful pedalling resistance to promote physical development and longer attention span.
  • Symmetry control - Midline control and better alignment of legs and feet.
  • Intuitive and reliable rear steer option for parents and carers.
  • Pedalling and Steering opt-out for tired legs and hands.
  • SAFETY - Fully enclosed chainguard. No wheel spokes means no finger traps!



Available in either 2-5 years, 4 - 8 years, or 7 - 12 years versions.


Optional accessories include: hip and thoracic supports, footplate (sandals), ankle foot orthoses, chest pad, steering solutions, various handlebar styles and head pad.

The key datum points on Quest 88 tricycles are critical and give the rider the ability to maintain a good posture and an efficient pedalling action. Quest 88 tricycles can be separated into 3 parts for storage and transportation.

The maximum weight limit for the Colt is 45Kg. Each tricycle in its basic form weighs 28Kg and in the Rear Steer option from 31Kg (10kg front end, 18kg rear). Additional accessories will increase the weight of the tricycle.


PInk and white colour scheme

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