Quest Rollator


The Quest 88 Rollator is designed for children and adults who have the ability to weight-bear, have reasonable shoulder and arm strength but who require some anterior support whilst walking.


The Quest 88 Rollator has two wheels at the front and ferrules/stoppers on the rear legs. The frame is strong and durable and features contoured handgrips for comfort. The frame can be folded for ease of storage and transportation. The stainless steel handles can be adjusted for height and can also be rotated for the most comfortable and appropriate position.


The frame of the Quest 88 Rollator is powder-coated. The folding tubes and hand tubes are constructed from stainless steel for ease of cleaning.



Size           Handle height


   1               40 - 50cm


   2               45 - 60cm


   3               55 - 75cm




Optional accessories include; a stainless steel horizontal grab bar (pram handle style) which fits between the handles; and optional swivel front wheels.








SIZE 2   -  RED


SIZE 3   -  BLUE



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