Quad sticks


Height adjustable Light Alloy Quad Canes with derby handgrip (NB. Adult size has a anatomical grip)


Quads are walking sticks with four-point bases and positional handles. They are designed for those with lateral but not backward balance reactions and who can take their full weight for walking.


Quads are sold indvidually.




Junior Quad

Size/ref/code                 2015                  
Height (cm) 52-67
Max User Weight (kg) 100
Foot Print Length (cm) (a) 17
Foot Print Width (cm) (b) 23

Adult Quad 

Size/ref/code Lefthand 5080, Righthand 5081  
Height (cm) 73-84
Max User Weight (kg) 100
Foot Print Length (cm) (a) 24
Foot Print Width (cm) (b) 28





 Matt Aluminium finish

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