Petra Running Bike



Running Bikes or RaceRunners are used by people of all ages for recreation, everyday mobility and sport at all levels. The user of the RaceRunner is also known as a ‘RaceRunner’, and for those who have engaged with the activity - it is something of a lifestyle! 

RaceRunning has physical health benefits for children and adults as well as developing a greater sense of wellbeing, encouraging new friendships and motivating children to engage more fully in physiotherapy.

"The equipment helps the RaceRunner distribute their weight in a way that allows freedom of movement for their legs and feet. The Racerunner also has very little rolling resistance and so users can achieve self propulsion with a minimum of floor contact. This is a great motivation for trying harder, stretching further for the reward of speed".

Quest 88 has been promoting RaceRunning for over 15 years after recognising its potential in 2003. We supply the world's leading RaceRunner - the Petra RaceRunner by Connie Hansen. It covers all ages over 7 sizes, with additional models for heavier users, for training and also Connie Hansen's elite machine - the STORM RUNNER. Over time we have developed a number of accessories which have been designed to assist athletes to use their equipment to the full.



Sizes to fit


- 3 years to Adult








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