PETRA RaceRunner


The PETRA RaceRunner™ lets you walk, jog or run. Whether you search for recreational leisure, physical challenge or just equipment that gets you from point A to B, the PETRA RaceRunning™ bike does the trick!


The PETRA RaceRunnner™ rolls so freely that even children and adults who have been restricted to power wheelchairs have found now a way propelling themselves by their own efforts. It is fun and stimulating regardless if you are a child, teenager or senior. The PETRA RaceRunner™ lets you walk, jog or run. Whether you search for recreational leisure, physical challenge or just an equipment that gets you from point A to B, the PETRA RaceRunner™ bike does the trick!

The low center of gravity and frame design offers good stability and poise whilst running or walking. The saddle unit counter-acts lateral sway and can be used as a seat when resting.

Running with the PETRA RaceRunner™ is a fun and low impact activity that can be enjoyed with family, friends, non- or disabled peers. It will open a whole new perspective on your abilities and opportunities well as a wide range of social interaction and learning experiences.

Individual choice of saddle, body support and handlebars, enables you to challenge aerobic fitness and work of major muscles while being gentle to hips, knees and angles. The “drop down saddle linkage” and open rear frame, make PETRA RaceRunner™ easy to get on and off, even from a wheelchair.


The PETRA RaceRunnner™ is a great choice if you:


  • Have cerebral palsy or other disabilities that affect mobility and balance – e.g. muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease or amputations.
  • Want to be able to run, move fast and do physical exercise in the outdoors.
  • Are from age 3 and up


Where to use the PETRA RaceRunnner:


  • In the outdoors on a stable surface – on the track field, the street or on a stable path in the forest. The PETRA RaceRunner is designed for multiple activities, including basic mobility, play, family rides, sport and physical fitness.



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A PETRA RaceRunner™ always needs to be customized to your individual needs . Therefore we offer full assessment service as well as tryouts.


Complete our online enquiry form and request an assessment. Together we can tailor a solution that fits your unique whishes and abilities.


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