Otter Bath Chair HSE Contract 9228


HSE Contract 9228


The excellent Otter Bath Chair, the perfect solution for safe, comfortable, and secure bathing for children and small adults with mild to moderate physical disabilities. Incredibly versatile and very supportive, this bath chair has many adjustable features to ensure it provides maximum positional support for the user in a wide range of seating positions.


The Otter Bath Chair has a very durable, strong plastic frame with slip resistant legs, that allows both the position and the height of the chair to be adjusted very easily, even when the child is in it. The chairs back and seat are both independently adjustable through a range of angled settings between 0 and 90 degrees to ensure the most comfortable position for the user and carer can be easily achieved. The Otter Bath Chair is supplied with height and width adjustable head cushions, that provide the user with comfort and support, and can also be used as latteral supports if required, as well as leg straps for controlling abduction and adduction and two positioning staps for securing the user.


The Otter Bath Chair is available in three different sizes and can be used with a range of additional items from the Otter Bathing System range (all available in this area of our shop), to ensure it is ideally suited for use in any situation.



  Small Medium Large
Seat Depth

33cm (13")

33cm (13")

41.9cm (16.5")

Seat Width

36.8cm (14.5")

36.8cm (14.5") 

36.8cm (14 1/2")

Back Height

45.7cm (18")

63.5cm (25")

81.3cm (32")
Seat Height

5cm-17.8cm (2-7")

5cm-17.8cm (2-7")

5-17.8cm (2-7")

User Height (approx)

Up to 91.4cm (36")

81.3-127cm (32-50")

116.8cm-172.7cm (46-68")
Maximum User Weight 27kg / 4 1/4 St

54kg / 8 1/2 St

72 1/2kg / 11 1/4 St




Also available in this range


Bath Stand - Suitable for all three sizes, the bath stand raises the height of the Otter Batrh Chair for greater convenience and easier transfers.

Shower Stand -Brings the child to an ideal height whilst showering with the Otter Bath Chair, and features lockable castor's for greater manoeuvrability and added safety.

Lateral Supports - Can be used in conjunction with or as a replacement for the head cushions.

Soft Fabric Kit - Available in each size, the soft Otter Bath Chair fabric allows for greater comfort and is supplied complete with trunk straps and leg straps which provide extra padding between the fabric and the chair frame.



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