Nuvo Toilet Frame (HSE Contract 9228)


HSE Contract 9228


Make your child’s everyday routine much safer and more comfortable with the Nuvo™ Children’s Toilet Frame. Designed especially for smaller hands and body heights, this sturdy frame is made from strong, coated steel and is finished with rubber ferrules for added stability.

Height adjustable, this frame supports children of all ages. Featuring moulded and padded arms that can be used for stability and support whilst your child lowers themselves onto and rises up from the toilet, it’s a simple frame than makes a huge difference.

On its feet are four non-slip, non-marking rubber ferrules for complete stability and security, although these can be replaced with a floor-mounting kit if the user wishes to convert it to a fixed model. 

For hygiene and cleaning purposes the Nuvo Toilet Frame may be autoclaved at 80 degrees C.






Product Purpose

Great for children who require some support whilst getting on and off and sitting on the toilet.

Specification Width between arms: 335mm (13"). Internal frame: Width: 380mm (15")

Height: 490-610mm (19-24"), Arm Width: 30mm (1½").

Height from floor to top of 2nd bar: 140-250mm approx (5½-9¾")

Footprint: Lowest Setting: 460 x 560mm (18 x 22"). Highest Setting: 460 x 610mm (18 x 24").

User Weight Limit 64kg(10st)
Brand Nuvo



White with grey handles

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