Nook Corner Chair


The NOOK Positioning Chair is a corner rehabilitation chair designed to help children and young people to adopt the correct sitting position with upright legs.


It is recommended as the first therapeutic chair. Ergonomic cushions, the pommel and the pelvic belt not only make the patient feel secure but also control the childs correct posture.


The Nook is available in a universal size perfect for children 6 months to 12 years.


This positioning chair is both light and small thanks to which you can easily move the chair into different places.




Symbol Measurement Unit Universal
W Indicative user height* [cm] < 150
A Seat width  [cm] 54
L Seat depth  [cm] 27,5/31
C Backrest height  [cm] 35 – 44
E Pelvic supports width  [cm] 40
E1 Chest suport width  [cm] 28
L1 Seat depth to the abduction block  [cm] 11 – 21
  Maximum user weight  [kg] 35




Wooden Tray 



Soft cover for tray 



Adjustable headrest



Castors with brakes 







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