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Invento II


The Invento II Multi stander is available in two sizes, can be used in vertical, prone, or supine. 


This all-new upright standing frame makes it possible to stand in either a prone or supine position which is very beneficial for the development of your child. With the adjustable tilt angle to 90°, you can change the position from lying down to standing. 


The standing frame is equipped with a safety lock preventing accidental position change. It is very easy to use - an upright standing position can be done by the release of a button. Includes footrests with 3D adjustment to allow for smooth foot setting in all directions. Made from environmental-friendly materials and has a stable structure to ensure adequate safety of your child







  • Excellent range of supports,
  • included are
  • Headrest
  • Breathable fabric
  • Lockable castors 
  • Foot sandals 
  • Pelvic & chest belt straps
  • Wooden tray



- Green


- Blue


- Pink



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