Kaye Walker Plus


We have now introduced new PLUS sizes to the Kaye Walker range. These are suggested for children and adults who require a little more room between the handgrips or for those who need a little more space between the wheels when using orthoses.

Used as both a walking training device and a community walking aid, the Kaye WalkerTM, over the last 30 years, has redefined assisted walking across the world, with its ability to improve posture and walking pattern. 

In today's busy world, therapists need versatile equipment that meets therapeutic objectives and also helps children become mobile and integrate more fully into society.

The Kaye Walker offers a good foundation on which to add additional accessories to enhance its offering to suit a wider group of potential users.  Accessories include Forearm Gutters, Partial Weight Bearing accessory, Vertical and horizontal Handles, and support harnesses - as well as customised bespoke accessories.

Size/ref/code W2+ W3+ W4L+ W4H+
HEIGHT OF WALKER W/ STD WHEELS (CM) 48-64 59-78 72-92 72-92
HEIGHT OF WALKER W/ ACTIVITY WHEELS (CM) 52-68 63-82 76-96 76-96
HAND-GRIP WIDTH (CM) 39 44 48 48
FRAME WIDTH (CM) 58-60 62-64 65-67 65-67
FRAME LENGTH (CM) 69-83 77-89 84-97 84-97
USER HEIGHT (CM) up to 95 91-122 107-137 129-152
MAX USER WEIGHT (KG) 39 60 95 95
FRAME WEIGHT (KG) 3.1 3.5 3.95 5


Depending on the users' abilities and their environment you can choose from a selection of wheels - ranging from fixed front wheels and directional locking wheels to oversize activity wheels for use on slightly less even grass and paths. 

Getting the right combination of accessories is really important and is a very personal thing. Our product specialists are trained to identify the right combination of additional modules to get the best solution. This works best through assessment and by observing the user in the Kaye Walker, we can determine the right accessories to suit both the user's abilities and the environment in which the walker is to be used.

Kaye Walker wheel/leg options are:


  • Bidirectional wheels - fixed (non-swivel) wheels which only allow for forward movement.
  • Directional Locking swivel wheels - castor style wheels that combine swivel and fixed functions in one design.
  • Activity Bidirectional rear wheels & Directional Locking swivel wheels - over-sized activity wheels are ideal for family walks and country paths (Unavailable on W1/2 size).

Rear-wheel / leg

  • Unidirectional Silent Wheels - the built-in braking mechanism prevents the walker from rolling backward.
  • Conversion legs (ferrules) - these rear legs do not have wheels but have rubber ferrules instead.
  • Activity Unidirectional silent wheels - over-sized activity wheels are ideal for family walks and country paths (Unavailable on W1/2, W4L, W4H & W5 sizes).

*Please note that standard wheels can be used outdoors

Positional accessories available include hip location pads (with or without a pelvic belt) and a range of forearm supports with alternative handholds/grips - are available for those who are unable to extend, or weight-bear, through their forearms.

As well as positional accessories, Quest also supplies a range of lifestyle accessories to make things easier for you and/or your child. These include 'Oarsome' grips which spread any upper loading more efficiently through your hands, the 'Q' bag school satchel, and Activity Wheels for rougher terrain.

Activity Wheels: Mud should be wiped off. Do not submerse wheels in water for cleaning or use pressure washers after muddy adventures. Store walkers/activity wheels inside when not in use. Saltwater may accelerate corrosion, as with most things, mountain bikes, buggies etc.

The availability of HSE funding for lifestyle accessories, such as activity wheels, may vary according to where you live. They do not necessarily alter the therapeutic or geometric aspects of Kaye Walkers but may enhance the user and family experience. It is worthwhile checking with your therapist for suitability before you order.

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