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Kaye Walker


The Kaye Posture Control Walker (Ireland) is designed to make walking easier, whilst improving postural alignment. It has an open-front "barrier-free" design which helps to improve the user's social development and interaction skills with others. It also enables the user to get closer to school desks and work surfaces. The rear bar is also an important feature of the Kaye Walker as it acts as a stimulus on the user's hip extensors, prompting the user to take the next step.

As a child grows and the walker is adjusted in height, the "footprint" of the walker increases, thus ensuring the walker remains stable throughout. It has an easy-folding aluminum frame with height-adjustable legs. The legs can be fitted with different wheel options to suit both the user's abilities and the environment. 

Each frame can be accessorized with a range of supports including oversized activity wheels, forearm supports, a seating unit, and pelvic stabilizers with an extensor pad. Check the Accessories Tab for more details.



 Available on HSE Contract 9229 


Select the Right Size Frame - Measure from the floor to the crease of the user's palm with their arms placed at their sideAllow for a few degrees of flexion (or bend) at the elbow. Hands should be at the same height as the hips (consistent for all-wheel types).


Depending on the users' abilities and the terrain, you can choose from a selection of wheels ranging from fixed front wheels and directional locking swivel wheels to oversize activity wheels for use on uneven grass and rough terrain. 


  • Bidirectional (straight) wheels - fixed (non-swivel) 5 " wheels that only allow for forwarding movement.
  • Directional Locking swivel wheels - 5" all-weather outdoor castor-style wheels that combine swivel and fixed functions in one design.
  • Activity Bidirectional (straight) wheels  - 9" oversized activity wheels are ideal for family walks and country paths.

Rear-wheel / leg

  • Unidirectional (anti-return) Silent Wheels - 5" wheel with a built-in braking mechanism prevents the walker from rolling backward.
  • Two-Way Straight Wheels - allowing both forward and reverse movement
  • Conversion legs (ferrules) - these rear legs do not have wheels but have rubber ferrules instead.

Positional accessories available include; a pelvic stabilizer with an extensor pad (with or without a pelvic belt); fold-down seats, a support harness, and forearm supports with alternative handholds positions are available for those who are unable to extend, or weight-bear, through their forearms.




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