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The Joy Classroom Desk



The JOY Desk is a unique accessory to our Kidoo™ chair but not only. It can be used along with other chairs, school chairs, or office chairs. All of this is because of the height adjustment


A wide tabletop provides a lot of possibilities – this is a place to play, learn, have a meal, or use a computer.


The Joy Desk can be fitted to every chair, because of the adjusted height. The table is stable because of firm construction. The tabletop is smooth and easy to maintain


The product comes disassembled. The assembly process is fast and easy


Symbol Dimension Unit  JOY 1  JOY 2  JOY 3  JOY 4
A width [cm] 90 90 90 90
B depth [cm] 60 60 60 60
C height [cm] 45 – 73 45 – 73 45 – 73 45 – 73
D cut-out width [cm] 40 40
E cut-out depth [cm] 20 20
  weight [kg] 12,5 13,5 13,5 14,5
  max. load [kg] 50 50 30 30
  tilt adjustment range [°] 0 – 30 0 – 30




      Available with optional tilt top and wheelchair cutout.





        White with blue frame

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