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AT Series


We have developed a bike, especially for children who can use a little extra stability. With the adapted children’s bike AT-A your child can cycle easily, without difficulty. It offers more than a standard bicycle with side wheels.

Playing outside, cycling to school, and playing with friends? Easy! The AT-A Tricycle has been developed for children up to and including 5 years of age. The follow-up model is the AT-B Tricyle that was developed for children up to about 9 years. The modified children’s bicycle can be adjusted entirely to the wishes and circumstances of your child. For example, the lightweight bicycle can be supplied in all hip, cool and cheerful RAL colours and there are various accessories with which you can make the bicycle even more personal and attractive.


from €1895.00






The Huka AT-A Tricycle has been developed for children up to and including 5 years of age.


The follow-up model is the AT-B tricycle which was developed for children up to about 9 years. 


The Huka AT-A trike can be fitted with a variety of accessories to support the body, head, and feet. These include hip and thoracic supports, footplates (sandals), ankle-foot orthoses, chest pads, steering solutions, various handlebar styles, and head supports.

The key datum points on Huka tricycles are critical and give the rider the ability to maintain a good posture and an efficient pedaling action. 

Additional accessories will increase the weight of the tricycle.


Nice and light


The modified children’s bike AT is available with an auxiliary (PAS-vario) or drive motor (Auto-vario). With the help of these drives, pedaling is lighter and therefore less tiring. The PAS-vario is available with a gas handle or rotation sensor with three travel speeds and standard with drive help. Also available with extra support such as hip support, trunk support, back support, and foot fixations.













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