Hand Sanitiser Starter Kit


This Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser Starter Kit consists of the Hand Operated Dispenser, a Refillable Cartridge and a Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser - 5L Refill Bottle.


This kit has everything that is required to get started in a very cost effective manner. Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes or any care environment the starter kit is a more hygienic and practical alternative to soap and water. The hand sanitiser is dispensed as foam and kills 99.99% of known germs helping to prevent the risk of cross infection.


Simply mount the dispenser on a wall or other vertical surface, top up the refillable cartridge with hand sanitiser and you are ready to go. 





5 L




  • One Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser Starter Kit
  • 1 x Hand Operated Dispenser
  • 1 x Refillable Cartridge
  • 1 x Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser - 5L Refill Bottle
  • Ideal for any care environment
  • Prevents the risk of spread of infection
  • Highly cost effective 

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