The Gameframe


Frame Football is a new way of playing the beautiful game for children or adults who use a walker or crutches for their daily mobility.

It recognises that frame users, often excluded from playing with their able bodied peers, need their own format for football.

Designed to make kicking and ball control easier - the new Gameframe® Hybrid from Quest 88, enhances the experience of children and young adults who play Frame Football - for players who use walkers for mobility or gait training.

The Gameframes® Hybrid is based on a wider version of the Kaye Posture Control Walker. The wider frame design makes access and retention of the ball easier. The Hybrid is stiffer and stronger, thanks to the side folding torsion bars - designed to cope with the rigors of the game.

Hybrid features include:

  • Strong frame with hard wearing textured coating.
  • Anti-transpirant and anti-bacterial grip tape, designed to reduce vibration whilst playing.







Size/ref/code hybrid-1 hybrid-2 hybrid-3 hybrid-4
Max User Weight (kg) 27 39 60 82
Floor to Handle Height (cm) 40-48 48-61 59-75 74-89
Distance between hand grips (cm) 34 39 44 48
  • Various Wheel options. - See Gameframes® Accessories in more detail below.
  • Cushioned back pad and optional frame pads.
  • Optional hip pads for helping players to maintain better body symmetry.
  • Optional frame and kit bag(available Autumn 2016).
  • Optional 'Gameframes®' Water Bottle Kit with frame mounted cage.

Gameframe wheel options are:

Front wheel

  • Bidirectional wheels - fixed (non-swivel) wheels which only allow for forward movement.
  • Directional Locking Swivel wheels - castor style wheels which combine swivel and fixed functions in one design.
  • Directional Swivel wheels - castor style wheels with swivel design (without lock).

Performance front wheel options are also available in these designs -- over-sized activity (performance) wheels are ideal for sports activity.

Rear wheel

  • Unidirectional Silent Wheels - the built in braking mechanism prevents the walker from rolling backwards.
  • Bidirectional wheels - Non-swivel wheels which only allow for forward and backward movement.
  • Directional Locking Swivel wheels - castor style wheels which combine swivel and fixed functions in one design. 
  • Directional Swivel wheels - castor style wheels with swivel design (without lock). 

These wheel options are available for all sizes of Gameframe.






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