The Draisin Eclipse  is a natural progression from the Quest 88 Colt/Carousel or Panther. It is also an ideal addition for inclusive cycling initiatives which operate indoors. The Eclipse  features a multi-positional handlebar system as standard. Hip supports, footplates, and many other accessories can be added to this tricycle. 

The Eclipse Trainer has a combination of fixed and freewheel gears to assist children in developing their pedalling action. The Eclipse has a starting price of €2495.00 Excl. VAT (*VAT may not apply).

Approx age range: 11 years - young adult








Total / Length 133cm
Total / Width 69cm
Total / Height 95cm
Inside leg 45-90cm
Motor Options 24v or 36v
User Weight 175 kg
Item Weight 36 kg



Download brochure here



Available in a white frame with blue mudguards

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