Duo Tandem




The Duo Tandem provides a stable riding experience and is suitable for people of all abilities who want to cycle together. 

This versatile tricycle allows either or both riders to participate in steering and pedaling. The Duo Tandem is an ideal bike also for children with visual impairment and enables them to feel the steering sensation. The front steering system can be disengaged for children with moderate to severe learning disabilities, yet enables them to enjoy cycling with their parents or carer in a secure way. 

The Duo Tandem is an excellent addition to any cycling initiative. It enables the rider at the rear to control the tricycle whilst allowing the front rider to develop their pedaling technique and grow in confidence. 

The saddles and the handlebars of the Duo tandem can be adjusted over time as the rider grows. The front section can be accessorized with a supportive seat & back support, an electric 36V front-wheel motor, AFO calf supports, and footplates with toe straps

The Duo tandem has a combined max user weight (rider & passenger) of 175Kg. The front rider age range is 7 years to Adult. 









Total / Length 260cm
Total / Width 75cm
Total / Height 95cm
Inside leg 35-90cm
Motor Options 36v
User Weight 175 kg combined
Item Weight 45 kg
Frame Colours See colour tab





The front section can be accessorized with a range of supportive seats & back supports, an electric 36V front-wheel motor, AFO calf supports, and footplates with straps.







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