Disposable Latex Gloves

Disposable Latex Gloves - Powdered Medium - Case of 100


Designed for optimum dexterity and sensitivity, these medium sized Latex Disposable Gloves are lightly powdered and supplied as a case of 10 individual dispensing boxes each containing 100 gloves.


Ergonomically shaped, they should ensure a comfortable fit with minimal restriction or creasing whilst providing maximum protection. 


Available in X Large, Large and Small sizes.





  • One case of Disposable Latex Powdered Gloves
  • Glove quantity: 10 x Dispensing boxes of 100 gloves
  • Lightly powdered
  • Beaded cuffs make them easy to put on
  • Tested to include minimal protein and residual chemicals
  • Tested to AQL of 1.5.
  • Maximum protection, maximum sensitivity

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