R34 Folding E-Trike


The Di Blasi R34 folding electric tricycle has a unique mechanism that folds into a cube in seconds. Suitable to fit into a car boot, caravan, motor-home, camper van, boats and small private planes, and many cruise ships.

The folding operation takes just five seconds and three steps without the need to use of tools, or the need to screw or unscrew any parts. Unfolding for use can be done in the same time with even less effort.

The R34 has the same frame as the R32 but it is equipped with a ‘pedal-assist’ electric motor.   The motor activates when pedalling begins, with speeds up to 8mph. Its als available with a twistgrip throttle.

The trike can be adapted for riders with disabilities by fitting a back support with side rests and or folding pedals with toe clips

Key Features

    • 36 V Motor
    • Range on flat road: more than 24 km, Top speed: 8mph
    • Tiny folded size: it will fit through a door space of 28cm
    • Low central step through: 19cm
    • Pedal assist or twist grip throttle
    • Twin front V brakes
    • LED lights, front and rear





  • Standard frame: saddle to pedal 73.5-82.5cm 
  • Junior : saddle to pedal 69-73.5cm 
  • Cadet : saddle to pedal 64cm 




                - Backrest with side supports


                - Gel seat cover


                - Folding foot cages


                - Shopping bag


                - Transport bag


                - Mirrors







            - Available in graphite grey, blue or red



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