Denver Compact Scooter




Bigger wheels, smoother ride – Front wheels 7.5″, Rear wheels 8.5″

More ground clearance, better obstacle climbing

5 year limited warranty (Chassis Only)

Shopping basket.

Front LED headlight.

Front and Rear Shock Absorbers.

Front and Rear Mud Guards.

Quickly dismantles without tools for easy transport and storage.


Anti- tipping wheels at rear.

Comfortable swivel adjustable height seat with rear storage pocket.

Flip up and width adjustable armrests.

Adjustable angle tiller.

Detachable battery pack.

  1. Durable rubber foot mat and foot rests.



Maximum User Weight

Max Speed

6kmph (10mph), Up to 6kmph (4mph)


Up to 16km (10miles)



Download brochure here




Available in Orange, Graphite Grey & Red.

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