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  • The REHA Adapted Tricycle


    The Reha Adapted Tricycle is a very popular and extremely robust, stable and very safe to use on Irish pathways. The REHA adapted Tricycle range is available in 4 frames sizes to suit children from the age of 2 years to adulthood. The Adapted Reha Tricycle is a fixed-drive tricycle. In simple terms, this means…

  • The Easyrider Tricycle


    The EASYRIDER is a semi-recumbent tricycle with a large wheelchair-style seat designed to fit both children and adults. It is designed to assist with mild to moderate physical disabilities. The basic features offer support for those who need some extra help. And for those that require more support, there are several accessories to choose from to provide…

  • Huka AT Childrens Trikes


    We have developed a bike, especially for children who can use a little extra stability. With the adapted children’s bike AT-A your child can cycle easily, without difficulty. It offers more than a standard bicycle with side wheels. Playing outside, cycling to school, and playing with friends? Easy! The AT-A Tricycle has been developed for…