Bumpers with Net windows


Cotside Bumpers with Net Window

The Bed Rail Entrapment Avoidance Cotside Bumpers with Net windows has been designed to prevent a patient's limbs getting caught in the rail and to soften impact between the body and the rail.

The Bed Rail Entrapment Avoidance Bed Profiling Cotside Bumpers with Net windows feature two bar bumpers on each side, both with a net window in between. As a result, when the rail is lowered no part of the padding will come into contact with the floor. They are available in wipe clean or fully machine washable for infection control.


The Bed Rail Entrapment Bed Profiling Avoidance Cotside Bumpers can only to be used on bed rails made of wood.

Option Style Length
1 Wipe clean with hook & loop 180cm
2 Wipe clean with hook & loop 200cm




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