Compact Stairs


Designed to aid rehabilitation while economising on space, these innovative Homecraft Space Saving Steps feature four 15cm deep steps made from quality hardwood. The stairs are made up of two sections that can be quickly adjusted to slot together, reducing the storage space required. The adjustable hand rails of the Space Saving Steps range from a height of 40cm to 90cm, making it suitable for many different patients.

Strengthening Muscles

One of the most difficult manoeuvres to grasp while learning to walk again during physical therapy is sloped movement, and this is where training stairs are useful during rehabilitation.

Not only does the act of climbing steps push the body to work against gravity, utilising muscle groups that are often neglected, but it is also great for increasing flexibility, improving lower body strength, providing anaerobic conditioning, and strengthening the heart, lungs and muscles.

Economising Vital Space

These innovative steps are perfect for facilities where space is at a premium. They have been designed to be assembled easily so that they can quickly retract when in storage, and then fully extend when beginning treatment. They are also available with either a carpet tread or with a non-slip design that is easy to wipe clean.



Specifications for the Space Saving Steps

  • Length (assembled): 140cm (55")
  • Length (compact): 87cm (34")
  • Width: 86cm (33.5")
  • Height: 60cm (24")
  • Maximum user weight: 140kg (22st)

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