Cleansing Wipes Case




Conti Soft Wipes are very popular, high-quality dry wipes with a soft feel that makes them the first choice for users and carers alike.


Conti Soft Wipes are gentle and comfortable to use whilst removing dirt and germs effectively. Their dry composition makes them ideal for use around sensitive medical equipment.


Conti™ is one of the leading brands of dry patient cleansing wipes in the UK and has been supplying the HSE for over 35 years.






  • Pack quantity (each): 100 wipes
  • Total wipe count: 3200 wipes
  • Conti Soft Wipe width: 300mm (11.8")
  • Conti Soft Wipe length: 320mm (12.5")
  • Made from nonwoven polypropylene and viscose
  • Basis weight: 32gsm

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